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A Note From Our Founder
I always believed that making your interests and personal loves your business was the way to success. For the last 30 years, I have done just that! Starting with local events, I grew my business to include travel to destinations I had always wanted to visit such as Napa Valley, Colorado Springs, Hilton Head…then expanded to places in Europe like Italy and Germany. When I was asked if I wanted to take a group to Cuba, I couldn’t think of why I would want to do that considering I was living in Miami at the time!  But away we went to Havana with 16 guests, and it changed my whole life in this extraordinary industry!
Cuba has been the only place I felt I could move to and live my life…the more I travel there, the more I am convinced that one day I will do that. Until that day comes, I have curated some amazing opportunities to meet the sweetest and most humble people ever through my company, Centerline Adventures.

We include all cultural aspects of this island country that intrigues many and offers hope to the citizens who live their lives waiting for change. From some of the best Chef creations to an abundance of Havana Rum and plenty of cigars you can’t buy at home, we, at Centerline Adventures, have made amazing friends, found local talent through the arts and love knowing we are helping them if even in a small way.

This is not your typical island country for vacation….no laying on the beach waiting for the “cabana boy” to bring you another mojito….we are involved in the lives and culture of everyone we meet.

  • From Franco, an outstanding saxophone player who longs to go to school in the US, get his Ph. D and teach kids the dynamics of music as it relates to their own mental health.
  • Vivian, who is rated in the top 23 Women in Cigars in the World and invites us to her cigar home for pairings!
  • Milton, who has created a technique of painting with tobacco leaves on special canvas and offers us espresso and cigars while sharing his creations.
  • Eduardo, percussionist who has developed a program for kids in need and we are committed to help him reach those goals.
  • Chef Alberto, who is the only Michelin rated chef in Cuba and recently collaborated with Chef Sam Diminich from Charlotte for an amazing dinner for our guests! History was made! 
  • And to Daniel, who was introduced to me as someone who can work with Centerline Adventures to create unique opportunities and has become a dear friend and trusted partner.

All these people have become great friends and welcome us with open arms each and every time we go.

We are welcomed. We are involved. And we offer hope and friendship to people who live a lot differently than we do. One of our guests on our last trip said it was the best trip he had ever taken, and he has traveled the world…. he said he would definitely go back.

Although we could certainly travel the world, at this point Centerline Adventures is focused primarily on Cuba and all the beautiful opportunities to enhance your own lives in ways that you never expected. I call it “coming in the back door” to our neighbors to the South…

Cuba – the largest island in the Caribbean with the largest heart to go with it!

Bienvenido a Cuba!
Trish Ellington


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